What’s New?

Books Review section added!

Published on 2/22/2001 by Bill Murray 

I’ve compiled some thoughts, on just a few books that I own!

Learn more about the Test Engine!

Published on 2/21/2001 by Bill Murray 

To learn more about the test engine used to define and deliver the practice questions on Solarisprep.com, click on the above link!

Tell a Friend Link Added

Published on 2/21/2001 by Bill Murray 

Please note, as a short term solution this is handled by an external page, although I get 25c per submission 🙂 May help pay for the website.

Banner Management added

Published on 2/12/2001 by Bill Murray 

This will only interest prospective Advertisers, sorry!

Some Errata pointed out!

Published on 2/12/2001 by Bill Murray Gerry

Pointed out some errata on the practice exam test, 310-009. Thanks, Gerry! This is now modified and updated on the Website

Contribute Page Added!

Published on 2/12/2001 by Bill Murray 

This page is simply for Sys Admins, who want to give some of “their” valuable time and help another fellow Sys Admins starting out on the Certification road!

What’s New Added to Solarisprep.com

Published on 2/11/2001 by Bill Murray 

I have finally got this added, phew! This section will logically keep you up to date with new additions, on Solarisprep.com!

Interactive Survey Live

Published on 2/10/2001 by Bill Murray 

I have added an Interactive Survey, to get ideas on how to improve the Website on certain issues. Netscape users may have problems with this, as the Survey needs the “iframe” tags, which Netscape doesn’t support, Sorry!

Forum Added

Published on 2/9/2001 by Bill Murray 

Interactive posting forum now added I am looking for new forum ideas and moderators to control this! So let me know if you can help?

Solaris Practice Exam 310-009

Published on 2/9/2001 by Bill Murray Solarisprep.com, it has now launched its first Solaris Practice Exam 310-009. Usage is FREE, so enjoy.

Links Section Added

Published on 2/8/2001 by Bill Murray 

This is a simple links section for other Website that interest me, feel free to mail me if you want a link added!

Solarisprep.com Website Launched!

Published on 2/1/2001 by Bill Murray 

Well, after a lot of thought and consideration, I finally decided to launch the Solarisprep.coms’ website, to help and assist fellow Sys Admin’s.