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Why have I compiled resources which will help you prepare for Solaris Certification? 

Well the answer to this question is easy! Can you find a pool of resources that help you prepare for the Exams over the Internet? I know that I can’t!

Okay, there are some websites with useful information and some good books to complement your exams, however, there isn’t much in the way of Full practice Exams for FREE, or someone sharing their experience in passing the exams. This is my primary reason for providing this resource.

Note: In order for you to use the Exam Engine, you will need to login If you have not yet registered, then please do so now. I decided that site registration was the easiest way for me to record the Exam Engines usage and help with my decision making for future development. I’ll keep it real and down to earth, I will also assume that you have basic > advanced Solaris knowledge, anyway, enough from me lets get to work!

Solaris 7 Sys Admin 1, Exam 310-009

Currently, I have only prepared Examination questions for the first part of SCSA for Solaris 7 310-009, in the very near future, I will be adding Sys Admin 2 Examination Questions for Exam 310-010. I hope you enjoy the content and please provide me with feedback This is the “only” way that I can improve the content of the website!

This Website is not a short cut in achieving Certification and my website does not pretend to guarantee success in Certification. My Website is intended as a learning tool, that will help you identify your strengths and indeed weaknesses.